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4 Tips On How to Offer Family Friendly Benefits

As a human resources professional, you know that family-friendly benefits are crucial to your employees. Offering benefits that address the needs of families is a critical part of attracting, entrusting and retaining top talent. But what are the best benefits for them? We can help - check out these top 4 tips for offering family-friendly benefits. 



Paid Parental Leave 

There are only three states that offer paid parental leave and that is California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Offering paid parental leave is an investment in the well-being of your employees. The transition to parenthood is a major life change that affects a person’s physical and mental health. Paid leave can help parents briefly shift their focus from earning income to bonding with their child and adapting to the demands of parenting. Parental leave policies are also linked with better mental health for both women and men. When men take leave, their partners also benefit. When you offer parental leave to all new parents, your employees feel appreciated and well cared for. 


Time Off & Flexible Hours 

Offering hybrid schedules and the ability to work from home is appealing for many workers, especially working parents. Since the pandemic, businesses have realized that offering more flexible hours and hybrid schedules has not effected productivity, and in some cases even increased it. Offering flexible schedules allows employees to save time and money by not having to drive to and from work every day. 


Offer Employees More Options in Benefits 

Offer employees more options for their health insurance plans. Pre-picked plans tailored to the staff average do not fit the needs of each individual employee. Instead, give your employees greater choice and offer health plans from all major competitive carriers. Platforms like Enrollme allow your employees to choose plans that best fit their family needs and budget. Help eliminate stress about high payments and poor coverage with the Enrollme platform.  


Financial Planning 

Offering financial planning and advising services is a benefit that will help you stand out from other employers. There is a chance that employees do not know how to go about investing or saving towards retirement or goals. Employees who struggle financially can impact stress, productivity, and performance. Financial wellness programs are becoming more popular, and for a good reason. Help employees by educating them about debt, investing, and planning for retirement. Help reduce money stress and give your employees access to financial planning resources.  Consider adding a 401k contribution program to your benefits as well. 

Investing in your employees is one of the best ways to retain them. With so many family-friendly benefits available, employees will be more satisfied with their work and compensation, leading to higher productivity. Offering these benefits shows how much you care for their wellbeing. 


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