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Four HR Tips for Open Enrollment

Ariel Thorne | September 08, 2021

For the experienced HR professional, the words “open enrollment” can be among the most dreaded in the English language. After all, open enrollment can be a free-for-all that entails crushing stress and significant pressure for even the most well-oiled HR departments. 

With options available ranging from dental to life insurance, is there any way to simplify this process? 

Luckily, there are a few things you can do this year during the open enrollment period to reduce the workload – and the stress. Try these helpful hints to keep everyone in a much better place and stress-free. 


Start early and learn from the past.

There’s nothing like having a plan, and the only way you’ll have one is if you prepare well in advance. Check your notes and see what you did last year. 

Did everything run according to schedule? Were there any problems? Did anything go spectacularly well? 

Treat both past successes and failures as learning experiences. Try to replicate the former. And as for the latter – well, at least now you know what not to do!

Two Communicate clearly and be concise. 

Here’s an eye-opening piece of data: 62% of employees do not feel their employers serve as an adequate resource for healthcare related questions, and 35% of employees have little to no understanding of their healthcare coverage. 

In layman’s terms, many employees just don’t know what’s going on. Open enrollment should be an opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings, not to exacerbate them. 

Take time to explain the enrollment process to employees. Avoid jargon, use easily digestible language, and encourage questions. If someone asks a particularly good question, make sure all employees hear the answer. Chances are someone else is wondering the same thing. 

ThreePut yourself in the employee’s shoes.

Sometimes it can be a challenge for employees to remember that this is supposed to be a benefit, not a penalty. Look at the situation from their point of view. Remember, you’re on the same team. 

On the same note, do what you can to incentivize participation. Help employees understand that they are really getting something out of this. Promote engagement. If employees are interested and motivated, your own job will be a lot easier.

FourTry EnrollMe

Still sounds confusing? Fortunately, SureCo’s EnrollMe offers a hybrid model that alleviates the worst problems of open enrollment. 

By offering a digital marketplace that lets employees choose their own plans, EnrollMe encourages cooperation, communication, and participation between employers and employees alike. This system simplifies the role of HR professionals, freeing up their time for more important issues, and ensures that employees feel involved and important. 

Still haven’t quite found your open enrollment groove? Give EnrollMe a try. Your employees will thank you.  

EnrollMe is tailor-made for HR departments, and reducing the stress of open enrollment is only the beginning. Want more info? Schedule a demo!




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