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How Health Insurance Brokers Help Simplify Employee Coverage

Let’s face it, selecting a health insurance plan can be overwhelming and complicated — especially for businesses. HR departments spend days, weeks, even months comparing available options to find a plan that fits the needs of everyone on staff. You could be using that extra time for recruiting, attracting, and retaining employees.

This is why many companies choose to work with health insurance brokers. And it’s true: a licensed health insurance broker can help HR staff streamline and simplify the insurance selection journey — from finding and comparing plans, to securing quotes, to meeting compliance to enrolling employees.

Who Are Health Insurance Brokers?

Just as with health insurance in general, there’s some lingering confusion around what exactly a health insurance broker is and what they do. Let’s start with what they’re not. Unlike health insurance agents, brokers don’t have any contractual agreements with a specific health insurance company. Agents do, which means they typically only offer one company’s plans. This can limit your choices.

On the other hand, health insurance brokers tend to work with multiple insurance providers. So, when they present you with plan options, they’re usually from a range of insurance companies — giving you a more comprehensive selection and more flexibility.

Health Insurance Brokers Make the Process Better

With more flexibility, you may enjoy several other advantages by turning to a health insurance broker for employee coverage. Good brokers will take the extra time to understand the needs of your employees and your company. They also do the leg work to find health insurance plans that provide the right coverage for the best price. They’ll make it easy to compare plan and benefits packages and make recommendations to simplify the decision even more.

Health insurance brokers can also help answer employee questions and solve issues with claims, coverage eligibility, accessing services, and more. What’s more, they’re fluent in complex and cryptic health insurance terms as well as requirements, from ERISA to ACA to COBRA and more.

The best health insurance brokers will use the latest tools and technology to help you compare and find the right coverage for your employees while streamlining the enrollment process for your HR staff. For example, many brokers are turning to Enrollme, a digital marketplace that makes it fast and easy to shop for and purchase health plans.

Enrollme supports brokers throughout the insurance selection process, with employee communications, educational resources, and tools that help employees feel more empowered and in control over their own healthcare experience. See why a growing number of health insurance brokers are using Enrollme to simplify health insurance even more for their clients.

Learn more about Enrollme today.

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