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Top 5 tips for Choosing the Right Benefits Plan During Open Enrollment

Helping your employees choose a plan that fits their needs and budget is essential during Open Enrollment. Here are five tips for choosing the right plan during Open Enrollment: 


#1. Always Review Plan Options | Even if You Like Your Current One 

The grass can be greener on the other side with healthcare plans. Changes happen throughout life, so employees need to proceed with the potential of them occurring in mind. That way, employees get the best value of care for their budget and safeguards them from unexpected life events. 

Even if life stays the same, they should note that premiums are known to fluctuate year to year. Employees may find a plan with similar benefits and a lower monthly premium. They might also find that their current plan's premium decreased. 


#2. Consider How Much Healthcare Is in Use 

Another factor to consider when choosing a healthcare plan is creating awareness on how much your employees use their benefits. A person's age is typically a useful proxy for predicting health care needs. A plan with higher out-of-pocket costs and lower monthly premiums might be better if they are in good health and do not visit the doctor frequently. 

Seven Questions for Employees to Ask Themselves:  

  1. Do you need routine medical care? 
  2. Do you require name-brand medications regularly? 
  3. Are you planning/expecting to have a child? 
  4. Have you been recently diagnosed with chronic conditions? 
  5. Do you have a planned surgery coming up within the next yet? 
  6. Do you often travel (will you need a plan that has out-of-area coverage)? 


#3. Know Projected Yearly Cost  

An employee's instinct might be to focus on the monthly premium payment when evaluating and choosing a plan. But it would be best if they put the entire picture into perspective. Besides the monthly payments, assessing deductibles, copayments, and Rx needs is essential.  



 #4. Look into Dental and Vision  

 While most people recognize that medical coverage is necessary, vision and dental plans tend to appear optional, which is far from true. Oral health significantly impacts overall health, medical costs, and quality of life. This is also true with our vision health because healthy eyes keep us safe daily. Another reason for them to consider dental and vision is if employees are covering family members and children.   

Unlike health insurance, vision and dental coverage are not required under the ACA (Affordable Care Act). Even though employees may not be legally bound to them, it is important to note why having them can benefit their health needs.   



#5. Take Advantage of Expert Resources 

Choosing the right plan at an affordable price requires time and research. It can be confusing and overwhelming. With Enrollme, your employees have yearly access to a trained professional who can advise them on picking the best possible health plan. Thanks to the versatility of our innovative technology, the Enrollme platform has the option of offering your employees medical, dental, and vision. Our mission is to provide your team with all the tools and benefits to keep your employees healthy and happy.  


See what Enrollme can do for you and your business. Schedule a consultation today.

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