How Enrollme Works
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Enrollme brings together everything from removing administrative burdens to health care cost reduction for both employee and employer, all while allowing employees to choose from all competitive plans tailored to their needs.

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How Enrollme Works

Transition Made Easy

Curated Solutions

  • Schedule a demo
  • Meet with an Enrollme team member to discuss
    • The Enrollme competitive edge
    • The direct-to-consumer market plan options
    • The consistent value Enrollme offers to your employees and your company
  • Provide us with your company census so we can work out all the numbers. See the value you can provide to the employees and the money you can save
  • Become an Enrollme client and begin the onboarding process
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On-Boarding Made Easy

  • Become a client
  • Assess & optimize ongoing administration processes
  • Have an extra hand in Open Enrollment
  • Get continous support for employee education, including how-to-guides, Open Enrollment plan and timeline, support sessions, and more preparation & execution
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On-Boarding Made Easy

Easy-To-Use Platform

  • Your employees now own the plan and have access to compare all competitive health, dental, and vision plans with cost projects based on pre-tax income
  • Plan cost and availability are personalized to residential / geographic regions
  • Price, plan type, depth of coverage, drug pricing transparency that makes it easier for your employees to assess affordability
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Easy-To-Use Platform

The Power of Enrollme


The Power Of Choice and Customization

Put the power in the hands of your employees by allowing them to choose from all plans available to them


The Power to Connect Employees to Their Healthcare

Enrollme’s purpose driven platform allows your employees to keep informed and engaged in their health care. Our modernized development is easily adaptable for both employer and employee. Enrollme’s technology automates data across the benefits ecosystem to provide your employees with all competitive health insurance options according to their location


The Power of a Modern Digital Shopping Experience

Allow your employees to compare all health insurance plans based on the specific criteria they select. Visibility of price, plan type, and depth of coverage is displayed so employees can easily read and understand what they are selecting