How Do We Help Your Business?

How Do We Help Your Business?


One Healthier Workforce
One Easy-To-Use Platform
Every Possible Benefits Plan

Attract and Retain

Let’s give your employees a reason to stay and attract top talent. Our easy-to-use digital platform gives your business access to competitive benefits packages. Give your business a competitive edge and your current and future employees a reason to stay.


On the 1 Hour Call, Learn About:

  • The Enrollme competitive edge
  • The direct to consumer market plan options
  • The consistent value to your employees and your company
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The Enrollme Outcome:

  • Retain top talent with the power of flexibility, portability, and choice
  • Keep the cost of benefits controlled and predictable from year to year
  • Say goodbye to administrative headaches. Focus on recruiting and retaining top talent
  • Mitigate the risk of unexpected business expenditure due to high claim costs
  • Plan ownership and portability allows for employees to keep their existing plan and doctors