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A Relief From Open Enrollment

One-third of our company's employees moved out-of-state in the last two years. This left them with limited choice on health plans and made recruiting extremely difficult for the HR staff. Thanks to Enrollme, our employees are offered right-sized coverage options from all competitive carriers that actually fit their budget.

Janine T
Lifesaving Product

We’ve had a fantastic experience with Enrollme. Not only is their team friendly and knowledgeable, but their product has been a lifesaver. Enrollme has empowered us to take control of our health, allowing us to choose from hundreds of plans and saving our company thousands of dollars each year. 

Jake H
People Operations Manager
Seamless Integration

Enrollme is hands-down the best product for healthcare enrollment. The platform easily integrates with our company’s current platforms, which has made it easy for not only our business, but our employees too. Talk about goodbye to headaches! Our HR team is no longer stressed out by the long process of Open Enrollment. Dealing with administrative, onboarding, and off-boarding is taken care of, leaving our team with more time to engage employees. 

Tina B
Benefits Manager
Quick and Easy

Healthcare is confusing, time-consuming, and expensive. Ever since we adopted the Enrollme platform, the stress that came along with Open Enrollment has diminished. The Enrollme team has made the enrollment process quick, easy to understand, and affordable. They also are always close by (a phone call away) in case we need any help or support. We couldn’t imagine a better company to partner with! 

Whitney K
HR Coordinator