What Enrollme Solves

Illuminating And Eliminating

Enrollme brings into light the issues that every business should pay close attention to. Together, we can identify if these problems currently exist and how to solve them.

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Here are some questions
to ask yourself

  • Does your day to day get overpowered/overrun by administrative burdens?
  • Do the rising costs of health care keep you from offering the plans that meet your employees' needs?
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  • Are your employees facing frustration due to lack of transparency with health insurance costs and education around plan usability?
  • Is recruitment of top talent difficult due to the high demand for highly competitive health benefits?

Enrollme Solutions

Frustration Gap
Cost Control
Administration Burdens

The Frustration Gap

Enrollme is here to open your eyes to a major gap that persists between employees and their comprehension of health benefits. There is a growing frustration that stems from not being equipped with the right knowledge when choosing the right health care plan for the year. Not only that, but cost constraints and limited plan selection can cause the employee to feel not sufficiently cared for. With Enrollme, you can offer health care plans from all recognized carriers. Additionally, get integrated with a platform that has full transparency to each plan’s out-of-pocket costs and coverage details. Let us help you CLOSE the frustration gap once and for all. Don’t lose employees because of complicated and confusing health plans that don’t fit their needs or budget

Frustration Gap


91% of all employees rate healthcare benefits as a crucial decision factor when evaluating a job. At Enrollme, we understand time is limited in a workday and the list of tasks HR faces to complete is long. It spreads the team thin when valuable time is all spent creating health plan packages, educating employees, and managing open enrollment. This leaves barely any time to recruit, attract and retain top-quality hires who are actively engaged in the company’s growth. Enrollme gives time back to the HR person’s schedule by relieving the administrative burden, which in turn allows for the ability to exceed the expectations of the employees and design a praise-worthy benefits program.


Cost Control

Enrollme mitigates the risk of unexpected business expenditures due to high claim costs. As a result, it helps business costs to be predictable from year to year allowing for accurate budgeting. Also, the ownership of health plans will be transferred to employees, which means plans are portable when the employee exits the company. It virtually eliminates ACA reporting and the risk that surrounds COBRA enforcement, allowing businesses to avoid unwanted legal repercussions and potentially catastrophic costs. Save both time, resources, and money by letting Enrollme integrate with your accounting and reporting systems to manage and monitor payroll deductions, carrier settlements, and 1095 forms. Enrollme equips your employees with the tools and information they need when selecting the most cost-effective healthcare plan that fits their needs—also allowing you to determine accurate reimbursement amounts. This all translates into significant cost savings for both the employees and the business.

Cost Control

Relieve Administrative Burdens

HR departments spend approximately 25% of their time building and administering benefits packages. The time invested in designing a health care program that does not destroy budget strategy or meet the needs of every employee is time you cannot get back. Let Enrollme change that. Enrollme also puts an end to countless hours dedicated to managing COBRA compliance complexities and ACA reporting requirements, which impacts productivity, efficiency, and ability of finance and HR teams to focus on other business-critical strategies (I.e. employee recruitment, retention and engagement). Place the power into your employees' hands and see the difference for you.